Contract Tensegrity Provides Consulting Services for Construction and Facilities Projects That Enable Superior Contracting, Procurement, and Management Performance by Creating an Essential Infrastructure for Success

Contract Tensegrity is our channel for providing the enabling infrastructure essential for project success
PCMS is used when we are delivering the targeted support for projects or headquarters in the execution stages 

The services offered under Contract Tensegrity can be a total, integrated package, or a combination of selected elements from these SIX MAIN DELIVERABLES CATEGORIES — Click each label below to learn more


Documenting the

Defining the

Communicating the

Foundation for the system of enabling infrastructure for contracting
Structural framework for the system of enabling infrastructure
Knowledge and information movement from the office to the work performers
Envelope within which the system must fit
Internal workings of the system
Maintenance and continuous improvement

Disclaimer: Working closely, successfully, and cost-effectively with attorneys is our specialty, but we are not and do not provide licensed attorney services. The client will need to obtain whatever licensed attorney endorsement or oversight it determines is required with respect to our services. 

What is Tensegrity?

The term "tensegrity" was coined by R. Buckminster Fuller to describe a structure of discontinuous compression with continuous tension constructed in perfect balance. We've chosen it to evoke that perfect balance of completeness, stability, and lean-ness for which we strive when producing enabling infrastructure for our clients. This excellent Scholarpedia article explains the origin, development, and application from the early 20th century until today. This Wikispaces Classroom page has many links to everything related to tensegrities happening in the worlds of art and science.